Rail freight New Silk Road

The future of East-West rail transport

Poland is now an important point on the map of rail freight through the New Silk Road, which has been systematically reactivated since 2013. From there, it is possible to make deliveries to any country in Europe. In the long history of this famous network, it was possible to connect the East with the West. Today, when more and more companies are exporting from China, good and fast communication becomes more valuable. Rail transport is still a significant and stable way to deliver goods over long distances. Moreover, thanks to the advanced infrastructure and increasing investment in new routes, the transport time for rail freight through New Silk Road is already short, and it could be even shorter in the future! We’ll give you an example which shows the economy of this kind of transport. The sample time from the Chinese city of Xi’anu to Gdańsk can be up to 10 days!

Cheaper and faster by rail from Uni-logistics

The extensive network of our partners enables rapid processes related to full container and groupage transport. We enable export and import from or to our central warehouse in Gdańsk. Due to the fact that we provide comprehensive transport services, it is possible to combine rail, road, and sea transport, so you can reach any place with your goods. In addition, we have our own warehouses and partner warehouses where we provide consolidation and reconsolidation services. Not only large companies benefit from this, but also small entrepreneurs who are looking for reliable and relatively cheap transport solutions.

Thanks to our services, you can save time and shipping costs. Check all costs related to transport to or from anywhere in the rail freight New Silk Road area. You can write to us, and we will make an individual initial quote for you. We have a flexible approach to each order, taking into account the most important needs of our customers. Find out that rail transport can be much faster than air transport and chose the best way of shipping your goods.

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