Road and rail container transport

Safe transport in containers

In modern trade, road and rail container transport is almost a standard now. In this way, you can send food products, car parts, chemicals and a number of other goods. Containers make it possible to convey loads in large quantities, as well as to combine different loading units. Due to the standardization of transport, such transferring is a quick and convenient form for any trade.

Shipment in containers has another advantage. It enables intermodal transport, combining many types of means: most often these are rail and road, though it also involves air and sea routes. As Uni-logistics, we offer shipping services in Europe and other countries in the world. When carrying out orders, we always try to take care of the environment. We have a fleet of vehicles that meet the EURO 6 emission gas standards limiting air pollution. In addition, we provide rail transport services, which, at a time of special emphasis on climate protection, is more and more often the preferred means of shipping goods. Growing international investments enable faster rail transport, even on intercontinental routes.

Intermodal transport for all needs

We are constantly developing our shipping networks and investing in infrastructure. At the moment, we can transport universal containers with a cubature of 20′, 40′ and 45′. These can be used for general cargo, both in bulk and loose products, as well as liquids. The final weight and dimensions of the transported loads depend on the limits in the given countries or road law regulations. Also in this area, we offer advice and experience, helping you choose the best way to deliver your goods.

Do you have any questions about road and rail container transport? Write to us, and we will gladly dispel any doubts. Many years on the market have allowed us to gain experience in the transport of standard and oversized shipments. Check how we work to ensure the best delivery and shipping conditions for your company.

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